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Frequently Asked Questions

What if the address I supply is not correct or the addressee has moved?

When a delivery cannot be completed because the addressee is not at the location supplied the parcel(s) are returned to the Go Logistics depot where a staff member shall endeavour to find the correct address details. In the event the parcel is redirected to another location the sender will be asked to provide coupon(s) for the redirection.

What if my freight is damaged during transit?

Unfortunately accidents may occur and parcel(s) may be damaged. Go Logistics provides a guarantee for parcels travelling throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area. Please see the terms and conditions of our guarantee.

What are the procedures in attaining an Estimated Time of Arrival for my parcel?

To allow our driver some leeway for deliveries A.M. and P.M., we ask that you allow drivers to deliver your freight from 8am to 10am and 1pm to 3pm. If your goods have not been delivered by 10am and 3pm please call our Customer Service on 9748 5000 who will contact our driver and advise you of the delivery time.

ETAs can only be given for deliveries within NSW and ACT.

How do I pay for my Go Logistics coupons?

Payments for your coupons can be made by cash, cheque or electronic transfer. Our postal address and bank account details are shown on our invoice.

What happens when I need to make a claim?

Contact Go Logistics on 9748 5000. A staff member will take you through the claim process and you should receive your coupons within a few weeks if the claim is successful.

Can I send Dangerous Goods via Go Logistics?

Yes, there are some Dangerous Goods that Go Logistics can carry to certain destinations and in certain quantities. For a detailed list of these goods, please click here.

I Cannot Find The Suburb I Am Sending Goods To On Any Listing On This Website?

Whilst Go Logistics strives to ensure that listings are kept up to date there may be situations where a new suburb or locality has been created or a destination is not listed on a Go Logistics suburb listing in New South Wales because we have decided to provide you with an abridged listing. Please contact Go Logistics on 9748 5000 and a friendly representative shall advise you on what coupons to place on the parcel(s) and what the delivery schedule of the destination is.

If a postcode is not appearing on the interstate postcode listing on this website, the parcel will be delivered to the nearest depot where the parcel will be available for collection.

What if my goods have not been delivered on time?

In the rare even that this occurs and you have already been notified of a problem by a Go Logistics representative please contact us on 9748 5000 immediately. It is important to everyone here at Go Logistics that we provide the service to you that we promise. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances there may be a lapse in our service promised to. In this event we will do our utmost to rectify the situation to you and your clients’ satisfaction.

Are there limitations to what Go Logistics can carry?

Yes, due to the vehicles our sub-contractors use, workplace safety laws and other governances, Go Logistics have set the following limits on parcel(s) carried in its network.

Any parcel travelling throughout our network shall not be longer than 2.4 meters, weigh no more than 40kgs and be greater than 0.250 cubic metres in volume. In the event that you have a parcel that exceeds these limitations, please speak to your contractor or contact Go Logistics on 9748 5000.

Is there a type of freight Go Logistics DOES NOT carry?

Some parcel(s) are not suitable to carry within the Go Logistics network as they may pose risk to other freight or sub-contractors and staff. These include but are not limited to: vehicle motors, leak fluids, large glass items, some classes of dangerous goods, improperly packaged freight or any other freight deemed unsuitable by the contractor at the time of pickup.

I have booked a Receiver Pays pickup from outside Sydney. How long will it take to return it to me?

Our RP service is available throughout Metro Sydney, Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Wollongong: SAME DAY!

For all other areas of NSW and ACT please allow 1- 4 days return time.

Will freight I send outside of Sydney be delivered the next day?

Some of the line haul trucks for Go Logistics leave our depot at 6pm each night. It is for this reason that all freight travelling throughout New South Wales must be returned by this time. Please ensure that you ask your local contractor whether he/she will be able to meet the line haul trucks when sending freight in the afternoon. All Interstate freight MUST be sent in the morning run.

What happens if I lose my online password?

Our online services are encrypted and passwords are generated only at our office. If you lose your password, you will need to contact our office and a new password will be set by one of our friendly staff once some identity questions have been answered correctly. For security reasons, we cannot give the existing passwords. New ones must be set.