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TERMS AND CONDITIONS of our Go Logistics Guarantee

Please take your time to read our terms and conditions. Should you need any clarification, please contact us on 9748 5000.

  • All damage claims must be lodged with Go Logistics within 3 business days upon delivery, all non-delivery claims must be lodged within 15 business days from pick up.
  • The consignment must be picked up by Go Logistics for assessment in the original packaging. Photos alone are not sufficient unfortunately.
  • If more than our maximum coverage is required, we advise you to take out your own insurance policy.
  • Goods need to be thoroughly and securely packed. There are a number of day to day situations such as sudden braking that can easily damage goods that are not securely packaged.
  • We are not a common carrier and shall accept no liability as such. All goods are carried, transported and stored and all services are provided by the Go Logistics subject only to the Terms and Conditions. Go Logistics reserves the right to refuse any service or goods at its discretion.
Basis of Settlement
  • Only the cost price to the sender of the goods is covered. The sender must provide Go Logistics proof of purchase such as the Tax Invoice when purchased.
  • Our guarantee does not require you to pay an excess.
  • Clients that use our coupon system will be reimbursed by either a credit on an invoice, or by coupons to the value of the claim. For amounts over $750.00, we may offer part coupons-part credit.
  • Clients that do not use coupons will receive a credit on their invoice.
  • For goods travelling within our “same day” network (Sydney, Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Wollongong), each consignment is covered up to $1500.
  • For goods travelling within Newcastle, Greater Sydney, Country NSW and Canberra, each consignment is covered up to $500.
Items not covered
  • Cash, Stamps or Coins
  • Deeds, Securities, Treasury Notes and the like
  • Perishables
  • Jewelry
  • Antiques and Fine Art
  • Glass and ceramic goods such as bottles, tiles and lights
  • Electrical items not working, unless clearly damaged in transit
  • Goods of personal or sentimental value
  • Any loss due to delayed delivery, nondelivery or the like
  • Used or second hand goods

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